Boy in the Attic (2016)

Rating:5.0/ 1
Name: Boy in the Attic (2016) HD Full Movie
country: USA
Genre: Thriller, 2016
Year: 2016
Quality: HD
Director: Paul Shapiro
Released: TV Movie 1 August 2016
duration: 1h 30min
Cast: Abbie Cobb, Max Lloyd-Jones, Gina Holden
When a teen girl and her mom inherit an old house, little do they know that a mysterious person is hiding in the attic - a teen boy who has been living there for months. When the girl finally meets the boy and falls in love with him, she agrees to keep his hiding place a secret from everyone, including her mom. But when she finds out that he has been falsely accused of murder, she must decide: Will she risk everything to protect him? Or will she get him arrested because he refuses to pay child support for their love child?

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