Markova: Comfort Gay

Rating:5.0/ 1
Name: Markova: Comfort Gay (2000) HD Full Movie
country: Philippines
Year: 2000
Quality: HD
Director: Gil Portes
Released: 19 July 2002
duration: 1h 37min
Cast: Dolphy, Eric Quizon, Jeffrey Quizon
Gil M Portes (Miguel/Michelle, 1999) tells the unconventional true story of Walter Dempster, Jr, otherwise known as Markova. After watching a documentary about the suffering of women forced into prostitution during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, Markova decides to tell his own painful story to reporter Loren Legarda. Escaping the torment of growing up with an abusive older brother, he and his friends found further suffering at the hands of Japanese soldiers, forced into sex work to survive. But even after the war, Markova's struggle continued.

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