Rating:3.3/ 3
Name: Mamarazzi (2010) HD Full Movie
country: Philippines
Year: 2010
Quality: HD
Director: Joel Lamangan
Released: 25 August 2010
duration: 1h 45min
Cast: Eugene Domingo, Diether Ocampo, John Lapus
Fifteen years ago, Violy Langit (Eugene Domingo), an owner of a small funeral parlor, learns that she is suffering from a medical condition that requires her to undergo a hysterectomy. All her life, she’s wanted to have children; she realizes that she has to do it before the procedure. But Violy has no man in her life — no husband, no boyfriend, no suitors. She seeks the help of her best friend, Mandy (John Lapus). Out of pity and love for Violy, Mandy offers his boyfriend Carlo (Diether Ocampo) to serve as a sperm donor. With Mandy’s blessing, Violy and Carlo share a night filled with romance, passion, and mystery — for after that night, Carlo disappears completely from the lives of Violy and Mandy. But later revealed that he tried to steal Violy's money.

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