Home Along da Riles 2

Rating:3.7/ 3
Name: Home Along da Riles 2 (1997) HD Full Movie
country: Philippines
Year: 1997
Quality: DVDRip
Director: Efren Jarlego
Released: 1997 (Philippines)
duration: 2hr 01min
Cast: Dolphy, Claudine Barretto, Nova Villa
The Cosmes delight in the news that Kevin shall inherit from his uncle Narciso a vast estate which spans over a seaside community of informal settlers. Other than fishing, the settlers depend on the job opportunities offered by a nearby factory owned by the town's influential businessman Primo, who is known to covet Narciso's estate. As Narciso is already dead, Primo feels himself given a free rein on the property and becomes more aggressive in claiming the property, much to the Cosmes' frustration and the apprehension of the townsfolk. The Cosmes as well as the rest of the community find Primo's interference the least of their problems, however, for the factory spreads blight to the land and waters in the community. Primo's money and influence might take him beyond the reach of clamoring residents, but Kevin and the rest of the gang show Primo that collective effort might be just as powerful.

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