It released the first series
Rating:5.0/ 3
Name: Supernatural
country: USA
Genre: Romance
Year: 2005
Quality: HD720
Updates: It released the first series
Director: Robert Singer
Scenario: season 11
Released: Robert Singer
duration: 41 мin.
Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Genevieve Padalecki, Samantha Ferris, Kurt Fuller, Katie Cassidy Lauren Cohan

A fascinating and mysterious series tells the story of an unforgettable adventure of two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who fight evil and save innocents. On the way from the young Winchesters meet not only the vampires, ghosts and spirits. Their aim is much more difficult to find his father and avenge the death of his mother. In search of his father, an exemplary student Sam leaves his girlfriend and goes after older brother Dean. Together the boys romp through America and destroy evil. However, such a risky life is not for the good and dear Sam, he wants to throw a fruitless search and continue their studies at the university. However, a mystical work does not let the younger Winchester. After the demon inexplicably kills his girlfriend, Sam realizes that there is no turning back, and with renewed hunt taken to destroy demons. Different in nature brothers do not always find a common language. Ahead of heavy and dangerous work, the smallest differences can cost the life of children. But the brothers Winchesters do not give up. Step by step they are getting closer to solving the disappearance of their father. It seems that his salvation will solve all their problems, but when the Pope finally, is to resist the demons only gets more complicated. Now, the Winchester family is a unique opportunity to avenge the death of his mother, but it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Their enemy is not so easy, also it has serious types Sam. At the same time, the younger brother finds a hit. Incomprehensible visions are always connected with the demon that killed their mother. How and why these abilities? How to control them, and most importantly, why they are there is Sam? In pursuit of the murderer of mother brothers all the time increase rate. Will they be able to win, and what is the price of this victory? Watch the TV series "Supernatural" and learn everything yourself.

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